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Final field of the disc cases world recordThere are a lot of official world records about dominoes. The most important ones of them are presented on this page. The world record titles used here are the same ones as in the Guinness World Records database. Should you find out that a world record has been broken again, just write me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so that I can update it on this page.

The picture on the right hand side is taken from one of my world record projects: the disc cases world record. This field saying "WR" was built out of 1,000 disc cases and toppled at the end of the whole project as a highlight.


World record with standard dominoes

    NL Most dominoes toppled by a group: 4,491,863
    CN Most dominoes toppled by an individual: 321,197
    NL Fastest toppling domino setting: 7,13 m/s
    DE Most dominoes toppled in a spiral: 84,790
    DE Most dominoes stacked on one single piece: 1,055
    AT Longest domino wall: 40.00 m
    NL Longest time continuous domino toppling: 35 min 22 sec
    NL Largest domino mosaic: 1,011,732
    NL Highest toppling domino climb: 11.52 m
    DE Tallest domino structure: 9.17 m
    GB Most dominoes toppled in one minute: 75
    DE Most dominoes toppled in a 3D-pyramid: 18,445
    DE Most dominoes toppled in a circle field: 80,432
    DE Most dominoes toppled in a 2D-pyramid: 8,001


World records with special dominoes

    DE Most mini dominos toppled: 2,000
    US Largest toppling domino stone: 9.18 m
    DE Most dominoes toppled underwater: 11,466


World records with everything else

    CN Longest human domino line: 10,267
    JP Most coins toppled in a domino fashion: 12,349
    DE Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion: 11,127
    WORLD Most plates toppled in a domino fashion: ???
    USA Largest human mattress dominoes: 1,200
    AE Longest domino drop shot: 4,578
    TW Most mousetraps triggered in a line: 1,508
    DE Most bricks toppled: 165,384


Did you know?

Setting up an official world record is not that easy. The world record bureau "Guinness World Records" makes a lot of claims in order to make sure that a new world record has been set up legally. These claims are for example rules, picture- and video-proofs and witnesses' signatures.


DE 10 world records

NL 5 world records

US 2 world records

CN 2 world records

AT 1 world record

GB 1 world record

JP 1 world record

TW 1 world record

AE 1 world record

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