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Mini domino world record

The spiral of the mini domino world record

The world record mini dominoes compared to normal sized objects


Update (12th July 2013): Tonight, this world record was broken again with 2,000 dominoes and therefore isn't in my hands anymore.

A world record does not come alone! After the successful disc cases world record in September 2011, I decided to break another one of the domino category on 4th May 2012. This time, it should be a record set up at Domino Day 2008 by the team of Robin Paul Weijers. The world record was about toppling more than 1,114 mini dominoes in one single chain reaction. In the cellar of my apartment in Weimar, 1,585 of them toppled and, as a result, broke the existing record with 471 pieces.

Press reports

I decided not to focus on press work that much for this world record as the whole project was really small. Apart from that, there wouldn't have been that much space for many people in my cellar. However, a newspaper article on the world record appeared, followed by a TV report:

Size of the dominoes

As the record title already suggests, the dominoes for this world record are extremely small. A mini domino has the length of 1 cm, the width of 0,5 cm and is only 0,2 cm deep. As a result, the following problems occured while setting them up:

  • The dominoes stick to your fingers easily, especially when it's warm outside and you start to sweat.
  • The smallest wind gust in the room can already destroy the whole project. In contrast, normal dominoes are as solid as a rock.
  • Organizing mini dominoes was not as easy as it sounds. With these dimensions, it is normal that the pieces are not perfectly straigt which makes the setup even more difficult and slower.

Mini domino sale

As the dominoes were quite expensive in comparison to normal dominoes, I will keep them as a gift and won't sell them to others. Please don't be too sad about this.


Video: Falldown of the mini dominoes

Video: Trailer of the world record


At this project, I decided not to build according to a fixed plan, but to be a little bit creative instead. As a result, a domino spiral and some lines and curves developed. More complex formations, like walls or sonimod settings, were not possible to set up, which was due to the small size of the dominoes. I really would have liked to build someting like this.


The world record took place in the cellar of my apartment in Weimar / Germany. As a result, I could take a lot of time to always set up some dominoes without being under time pressure at all. And this was really great because there always have been smaller and larger fails. At a rough estimate, I had to set up around 5,000 pieces in order to arrange 1,585 of them in a row. This took a lot of time and was both exhausting and nerve-racking. However, normal dominoes seem like huge building bricks for me now.

It is official

"Most mini dominoes toppled is 1,585, achieved by Tim Weißker (Germany), in Weimar, Germany, on 4 May 2012." - Guinness World Records

Video of the world record
Video of the trailer

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