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An example of using direction changers in a domino project

On this page, I will list all domino videos I have already uploaded on my YouTube channel TimDomino. You can watch a video directly on YouTube by simply clicking its name. The videos are sorted in five categories:

  • First of all, the category "World Records" features the videos about my domino world records including the trailers and show videos if applicable
  • Theme projects are in most cases larger domino projects featuring elements that all belong to a special topic. Creating and building coherent and fascinating theme projects is one of the most difficult domino building discipline
  • The category "Beginnings" features my very first domino video attempts I ever uploaded. I edited them with Windows Movie Maker and you can call them the Domino-Tim Classics
  • "Tests" are videos where I simply tried out one or more domino techniques without including them in a larger project. Also preview videos for upcoming projects can be found there
  • "Others" is the category for everything else, for example tutorial videos (explanations) or videos about my advertising projects with dominoes

Please note that there is no original soundtrack in my first 40 videos as I used YouTube's AudioSwap function to include some music. Currently, there are 108 domino videos availabe on my channel. Within the categories, new videos will always appear at the bottom.

Some of the video's names (especially the older ones) are in German. Sorry for that! If you want to find out more, just click the video and be surprised.

World records

Disc cases world reocrd: trailer
Disc cases world record: falldown (toppling of the cases)
Disc cases world record: show (everything before the falldown)
Mini domino world record: trailer
Mini domino world record: falldown (toppling of the dominoes)
Domino spiral world record: falldown in a highlight version

Theme projectsChallenge Lines at All Stones 11

Aus Fehlern soll man lernen 1.460
Willkommen 2008 3.560
Die erste Challenge 3.000
Die zweite Challenge 1.800
Das Quadrat - Die dritte Challenge 2.630
Part 1 neu 947
Ein neuer Parcours 3.083
Rekordversuch: 4000 Steine 4.175
Die Revenge 4.565
Der zweite Versuch 4.565
Eine neue Dimension 4.658
Die olympischen Ringe 2.064
Der vierte Monat 4.700
Happy Birthday 1.513
Einfach dumm gelaufen 4.700
Die große Spirale 1.696
Die Welt 4.655
Die Reise 4.959
Erster Selzer Domino Tag 10.110
Merry Christmas 3.000
Deutsch-Französicher-Tag 3.315
Just for fun 5.000
Domino Day at school 2.056
Meeting with dominotimes 3.654
The London Underground 1.926
Video games 3.735
Domino Day at our school party 3.230
Platypus tribute 2.855
Zweiter Selzer Domino Tag 21.264
Best of TimDomino 2010 5.152
Welcome 2011 2.011
Der Domino-Tim Podcast 2.011
Tribute to the computer 2.000
I'm from Germany, and you? 3.000
The periodic table of elements 3.600
Japan 2011 4.000
Las Vegas in Dominos 4.200
All Stones 11 - German TV shows 32.192
Summer Holidays - Domino City 3.621
Weimar in dominoes 6.500
Tribute to Chuck the Duck 4.000
Challenge: Playing Cards 4.000
Mario Party 9 2.000
The Legend of Zelda 7.000
The human digestive system 6.300
Angry Birds in dominoes 3.200
Domino Tribute to GameTube
Luigi's Mansion 2 3.800
All Stones 13 - Transport 57.500
The human visual system 6.300


Part 1 910
Part 2 1.127
Part 3 1.115
Part 4 400
Part 5 1.000
Part 6 1.200

TestsProject Plus

Schlag den Raab
Ein kleiner Test
Die 3D-Pyramide
Die 2D-Pyramide
2 kleine Tests
So kann es auch laufen
Die Revenge - Vorbereitungen
Der zweite Versuch - Vorbereitungen
Die Wand
Der Stapeltrick
Die Stapelherausforderung
Und noch ein Stapel
Mach die Tür zu
Das Fort
Kugeln und Murmeln
Der Turm
Transluzente Dominosteine
Solitary - The domino challenge
Project Plus
A boring weekend
The one and only TimDomino car
Meeting with dominofan0803
Good morning
Domino Spiral of Frustration
Domino + Straws = Epic fail, jaja!
Review of PESTAS


OthersTim with Robin Paul Weijers

Intro - Unsere Domino Days
Keine Steine?
Die Challenge Schranke
Der Dominostapel
Mein Feldplaner
Ein Tag bei WDP
Speed Building
Direction Changers
Feldplaner - Version 3
Advertising project for Bosch
Classroom Domino Day
Domino Fieldplanner 3.1
TimDomino at CDT - FAQ
Domino Board Introduction
Surprise Domino Meeting with ???
Disc Cases Domino for Terra Xpress


Pictures (from top to bottom):

  • Demonstration of direction changers in a domino project
  • Challenge lines of "All Stones 11"
  • The name giving +-symbol from "Project Plus"
  • Me together with Robin Paul Weijers, inventor of "Domino Day", in 2009 in Woerden / Holland
5 steps of a domino project

1. Idea
In order to set up and topple a domino project, it is essential to have a kind of idea first. You need to find out what you want to build, with which elements and in which order. Ideas for topics can be found in our everyday lives or in the news. Sometimes, an idea just comes to your mind spontaneously. When you have found the right one, you can move on to the next step.

2. Planning - Creation of a masterplan
In this step, you have to think about how domino lines should be built in order to topple the elements desired. The results are drawn on the so called masterplan (also: Ground Map, Floor Plan). Therefore, it is especially important to pay attention to the number of dominoes and the building space available.

3. Building
Based on the masterplan, building the project can now begin, domino by domino as it has been drawn down in the step before. At the end of the building phase, there is the so called falldown, the toppling of the dominoes. The project is recorded with one or more cameras.

4. Video editing
A video without a proper editing will be watched less often, so in this step, all the different camera angles have to be merged in a nice way. Therefore, a video editing program is used and in the end, there is a video which is comfortable and nice to watch.

5. Upload
The video is finally uploaded to a video platform and can be watched by the whole world.

Icon for the link to the TimDomino YouTube channel YouTube channel: TimDomino

All my video about dominoes are published on my YouTube channel called "TimDomino".

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