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Domino spiral world record

50,500 dominoes toppled in a spiralToby, Tim and Anna from Guinness World Records


Update (27th December 2013): Despite the fact this record has been broken again, it was referenced in the German version of the "Guinness World Records 2014" book (page 6). 

Update (12th July 2013): Tonight, this world record was broken again with 55,555 dominoes and therefore isn't in my hands anymore.

Actually, this should have become just a normal meeting among domino builders. But when my good friend and domino colleague Tobias Demuth (YouTube: millionendollarboy) suggested to attack his first and my third world record, I was rapidly excited and agreed to participate without any doubts.

The record

This world record is about setting up and toppling the greatest number of dominoes in a spiral. This category has become popular during Domino Day 2008 as one of the 10 world record projects. Over the years, this record has been broken again several times and for our attempt, we had to topple more thant 33,533 dominoes to become new world record holders.

We decided to set up and topple 50,500 dominoes. The problem with this was the fact that due to organisational issues, we only had 48 hours (Friday evening until Sunday evening) for this challenge. In order to remain on schedule, we've worked 20 hours on Saturday, from 8 o'clock in the morning until 4 o'clock the next morning. This, by far, was the longest time I've ever kept on building dominoes. Together with some more hours on Friday and Sunday, we finally managed to set up all the 50,500 dominoes after almost 30 hours of work in total. After we were done, the spiral had a diameter of, believe it or not, six meters.

This was really tough work, but the result was definitely worth the effort. On Sunday, the 3rd March 2013, our official Guinness World Records adjudicator arrived, watched the videos of the preparations and all the evidences and we were ready to go. I had the honor to topple the first domino and after a chain reaction of 13 minutes and 39 seconds, all the 92 rows of the spiral toppled and the spiral's center was reached. After a couple of minutes, our adjudicator was able to tell us that we were now new Guinness World Record holders. She kindly also brought the certificate with her and gave it to us after her announcement.


The whole project was accompanied by a TV crew of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). For their children's channel, Children BBC (CBBC), they recorded for the show "Officially Amazing". In this show, the crew presents world records from the Guinness archive and accompanies potential new world record holders during their attempts. So they did with us. The words "Officially Amazing" are not only the title of the show, but also the slogan of Guinness World Records.

During the attempt, eight people of them were present on site: one director, two "normal" cameramen, one audio engineer, one polecam cameraman, one reporter, the presenter of the show (Ben Shires) and of course the official Guinness World Records adjudicator. During the setup of the dominoes, they captured many shots and interviews which made building even more difficult, but also more interesting and exciting. It was a great experience to see how such a TV show is being produced and how many people (also off-screen) are actually involved.

Have a look at the episode of "Officially Amazing" (series 1, episode 13) on the homepage of CBBC (unfortunately available in the UK only, but a proxy can solve the issue).



Shorter highlight version of the world record on TimDomino:



Complete falldown of the spiral on millionendollarboy:




For this world record, I travelled to Tobias's hometown Denkendorf which is quite close to Stuttgart. There, the very helpful people on-site gave us a room close to a sports hall for the world record attempt.

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