Welcome to the download section of my homepage. Here, you can download some useful tools and tutorials in order to make planning and building your own domino projects easier. Attention: All downloads are supposed to only be found on this page. This means that it is not allowed to include them on your homepage. Of course, a link to this page would be appreciated.

Mathematical stuff (in German only)

As my studies of Computer Science also deal a lot with mathematical topics, I have written some mathematical essays about domino-related subjects and post them here.

  • For a long time, the question of how many dominoes are needed to build a three-dimensional n x n pyramid has been circulating in the domino community. However, the algorithm for that is quite simple: when a 3D-pyramid has a length and width of n dominoes on the floor, the number of dominoes needed in total can be calculated with D = (n*n) + (n*(n-1)) + ((n-1) * (n-1)) + ((n-1) * (n-2)) + ... + (2 * 1) + (1 * 1). I have implemented this algorithm in my 3D-pyramid calculation application downloadable on the bottom of this page. Annodomino, however, found a compact formula for the same issue without any iterative calculations which I have mathematically and formally proven in the following essay using the method of mathematical induction: here.
  • Another hot topic, also because there is a related category at Guinness World Records, is the question of how many dominoes are needed for a 2D-wall with height h and length l using the common building method. I have dedicated this essay to that topic.



Field protocolFieldplanner is a software for planning domino fields developed by me. It works on the basis of Microsoft Office Excel which means that every time when you start the planner, you have to activate macros in ordert to start the application. You then have the possibility to draw a domino field (toppling horizontally or vertically), to count its colors, to compare the colors counted to the dominoes you have at home, to print a field preview and to create the field protocol which is in my opinion the most powerful function.

The field protocol shows you exactly how many dominoes of each color have to be set up in order to build the field drawn before. In the field protocol on the right hand side, for example, you would have to set up nine yellow, four black and another 67 yellow dominoes for the second row. In a personalized field protocol, you can enter the size of your domino ruler which then will be indicated by green lines in the protocol.

User information

  • In order to make Fieldplanner work properly, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 or later is required. Older versions work in most cases, but might lead to some errors.
  • I also made two video tutorials for different versions: tutorial version 3.0 | tutorial version 3.1
  • Apart from that, there is a detailed handbook in both German and English, for version 3.4, there is an additional document outlining the new functions in English only.
  • From version 3.4 on, Fieldplanner will only be continued in English.
  • A huge thank you to Dimas (YouTube: dominololzz) for translating Fieldplanner 3.5 to Dutch.

Version history / Download

Version Improvements Download
  • Field protocol: you can select whether the field protocol should list the rows (from left to right) or columns (from top to bottom) of the field
  • Crossover technique (incl. undo function): moves every second domino row four spaces to the right. When you topple these lines from the other side than the unmodified rows, the drawn image can only be recognized after all dominoes have toppled.
  • Real time domino counter: you will be shown the number of currently selected dominoes in the main window
  • Another toppling direction for the field is now possible: vertically (from top to bottom)
  • Color "transparent" added to the "Replace colors" function
  • New error message if the field is too large for creating the field preview
  • Coloring of cells with keyboard shortcuts
  • Extension of field protocol function with a window where you can also enter the size of your domino ruler: will be considered and drawn in the protocol
  • Overall settings (number of dominoes of each color, dimensions) can now be altered in a window, not directly in the table anymore
  • General function for the creation of a field protocol
  • Please do not copy fields from older versions to this one or later ones as the field protocol would not work properly with them (font color of the numbers)


  • Function "Replace colors" if you want to change a specific color after having drawn the whole domino field
  • Print function: File name and kind of printout (Field preview | Field plan | ...) will be printed
  • Color "transparent" added
  • Field preview with calculation of its size. Therefore, the dimensions of a domino have to be entered
  • Extended print function for the field preview, size of the field and the total number of dominoes won't be printed anymore
  • Welcome screen
  • Improved print function: size of the field and the total number of dominoes will be printed automatically
  • Application main window
  • Enter the number of dominoes you have at home - warning when a domino field has to many dominoes of a color
  • First print function (still error-prone on some systems)
  • Button for opening the color palette if it was closed accidently
  • Draw and count fields

Intended improvements

  • Do you have any suggestions? Write me an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



These tutorials include instructions with images that are especially suitable for domino beginners. You can print them and rebuild the desired element in your own domino project.

  • Tutorial 2D-pyramid: DE | EN
  • Tutorial 3D-pyramid: DE | EN
  • Tutorial 3D-tower: DE | EN
  • Picture: wooden domino ruler with dimensions: DE | EN


Calculation applications

Based on the tutorials for 2D- and 3D-pyramids introduced in the download category before, I have developed the following calculation applications. It is already enough to only enter the number of dominoes touching the ground and the total number of dominoes needed for the 2D- or 3D-pyramid will be shown together with some interesting additional information.

  • 2D-pyramid calculations: DE | EN
  • 3D-pyramid calculations: DE | EN

Did you know?

Domino Fieldplanner was written using the programming language Visual Basic as it allows direct modifications in tables within Excel. I have learned the important elements of the language mysef on the basis of other programming languages I already knew.

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