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Dominoes are available in all colors, forms and variations. On the one hand, there are the good old black pieces with the white dots which are mainly used for playing the board game. These dominoes do usually not appear in domino chain reactions. In fact, there are certain companies and brands that specialized on toppling dominoes. On this page, I will explain to you the most common types of dominoes for chain reactions, together with their advantages and disadvantages.




Maria Lamping

Color collection of Maria Lamping's dominoes

Maria Lamping is an owner of a plastic company and has, after her son Christian Lamping had plans for breaking the solo domino world record, a machine with which she can produce dominoes. The pieces have the sizes 4,8 cm x 2,4 cm x 0,75 cm and are with a weight of 8 grams per piece and a density of around 1060 kg/m3 optimal for chain reactions. She sells them on Ebay (danny6054) in pre-packed color packages, but if you write her an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , you can also customize your package according to your color wishes. She takes 4.2 Euros for 100 dominoes excluding packaging and shipping (January 2021). There are more than 20 colors available which are shown in the image on the right. The color "leuchtrot" normally is quite a bright text marker pink, but unfortunately, it was bleeched a little bit by my scanner, sorry for that.

Apart from that, it is also possible to order so called color anomalies. These are dominoes which are not perfectly colored with a solid color, but have some color gradients instead. However, they are quite nice to look at in some domino projects.

Advantages: good to work with, many colors, nice toppling behaviour

Disadvantages: expensive shipping, some dominoes stick together, are tilted (see photo above) or completely mutilated, no webshop



Don Domino

Don DominoDon Domino is a Belgian brand that started producing and selling dominoes in 2020. Their overall goal is to provide dominoes in the common optimal size for toppling (4,8 cm x 2,4 cm x 0,75 cm) but improve the drawbacks of other similar brands. As a result, the dominoes are smoother and more consistent than the ones from Maria Lamping and do not come with an embossed logo as the ones from Mr. Domino (see below). There are 23 colors (February 2021) to choose from, and there are several curated color packs covering particular themes. The dominoes are available in the webshop www.dondomino.eu

Advantages: good to work with, many colors, nice toppling behaviour, consistently good quality

Disadvantages: higher price compared to Maria Lamping due to improved quality



Domino Express / Domino Run

Domino ExpressThis kind of domineos can be found in every toy shop or larger department store and has quite a low weight in comparison to the dominoes introduced above. The dominoes are sold in both solo packages with the dominoes only and in combo packages together with some domino effects which can be included in the project. The difference between Domino Express and Domino Run is size: Domino Run dominoes are a bit smaller, but wider than Domino Express dominoes (see picture on the right hand side). Apart from that, Domino Run can be recognized by the embossed letter D.

Advantages: in some packages, effects are already included, good for beginners

Disadvantages: Special effects damage quite easily or do not work properly according to my experiences; the dominoes themselves topple more to the side than in a straigt line which is due to the low weight


Mr. Domino

Dominoes by Mr Domino with signature of Robin Paul Weijers

Mr. Domino is a domino brand by Weijers Domino Productions, the planning and producing company of the TV show "Domino Day". As they got many inquiries regarding dominoes, they introduced the Mr. Domino dominoes in September 2009. These pieces have similar sizes (4,8 cm x 2,4 cm x 0,7 cm) compared to Maria Lamping dominoes and in addition, every domino has an embossed Mr. Domino logo. However, sales did not go that well, so most of the dominoes were removed again from the webshop www.mrdomino.com. Today, there can be found the remaining amount of "originals" (see below) mainly.

Advantages: child friendly seal of quality, consistently good quality

Disadvantages: higher price compared to Maria Lamping, embossed logo alters weight distribution, surface is a bit too slippery




Original domino by WDP

These dominoes have a similar size compared to Maria Lamping and Mr. Domino with the difference that every domino has a tiny dint in the middle. The pieces have been used at larger TV events and advertising projects by Weijers Domino Producitions and are not that easy to get, especially if your pocket lacks of money. Some remainders are sold at the Mr. Domino Webshop by the company, some of my domino colleagues, however, did also get them from other sources, but this is in most cases a game of luck.

Advantages: excellent dominoes for lines, fields and three dimensional structures, consistently good quality

Disadvantages: restricted avilability, higher price compared to Maria Lamping




Plastic mini dominoes

This kind of miniature dominoes is also available in every toy shop. The dominoes are not as small as the ones used in the mini domino world record, but they are still a good training for your fingers. This brand is sold in red, green, blue and yellow and has certain dentings.

Advantages: space-minimizing, a challenge for steady hands

Disadvantages: difficult to handle with, tilted because of plastic frazzles



Translucent dominoes

Translucent dominoes

Translucent dominoes are known for being light-transmissive without being completely picture-transmissive (like transparent dominoes), so a certain amount of the inherent color can still be seen. They have the word "Domino" on them and were once available on Ebay (cs_motorcycleparts). However, this man stopped selling them and I unfortunatley do not know if they can currently be found anywhere. I published a test video about the dominoes here.

Advantages: the translucent property is responsible for nice light effects in domino projects

Disadvantages: very slippery surface, difficult for building three dimensional structures



PESTASPESTAS is a domino brand coming from Austria which was developed to improve the free building of children between 3 and 18 years of age (i.e. I am already too old for them :-)). The dominoes are made of wood and are wider than Maria Lamping dominoes, Mr Dominoes, and the Originals. In order to obtain colorful impressions, the front and back side of the dominoes have been colored, the sides, however, keep the wood's color. During production and commercialisation, it is cared for environmental sustainability and resource conservation. You can get a closer impression of PESTAS on www.pestas.net.

Advantages: surface has a good grip (good to work with), sustainable production and commercialisation, especially suitable for children

Disadvantages: small selection of colors (only red, green, yellow and blue), it is difficult to build fields containing images as the sides are not colored



I have written down all the advantages and disadvantages for each kind of dominoes according to my personal experiences and feelings. Of course, you have to decide yourself how heavy a certain advantage or disadvantage weighs for you.

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