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It became quite popular in the domino community to use three words as a name for domino events or teams hosting these events. As a result, it is fast and easy to simply use the first letters of the words as an abbreviation and in the last years, a lot of different three-letter-events developed. I have to admit that I am not a real friend of this trend, however, this page is supposed to bring a little bit of light behind all those different letter combinations. Especially,  I would like to describe the Cologne Domino Team. I joined the team in 2011 and am really proud to be a part of it.

Cologne Domino Toppling (CDT) / CDT-Group

CDT 2013 team after falldown

The Colonge Domino Team is a group of more than twenty well-known domino builders from Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. It was founded by the Colognes Niclas Thumm and Simon Stümke (YouTube: IIIIIDominoIIIII) and in 2008, they had their first event with 70,000 dominoes showing projects about the "History of Rock". Every year, the team tries again to break its own personal record. After I met Niclas and Simon in Holland during our visit of Weijers Domino Productions, I was invited to also join the team. In 2011 then, I had the first oppurtunity to follow this invitation. I have met a lot of domino builders I only knew from their YouTube channels before. We had a lot of fun together, not only while setting of the dominoes, but also during our evening programs, excursions or the like, so I will remain a member of the team happily. What I really like at CDT is the atmosphere and the strong company within the group. During the setup of the domino projects, we live all together at the event's location.

The picture on top shows the CDT team after the falldown of the event in 2013(Topic: "The Wild West"). I was dressed like a Native American as I played a part in the show before the falldown.

Event history

Year Topic set up
2008 History of Rock 70 235 70 068 Link
2009 Sport & Olympia 90 000 87 804 Link
2010 Inventions 125 000 116 000 Link
2011 Comics & Cartoons    155 555 125 104 Link
2012 The Circus 200 000 177 414 Link
2013 The Wild West 285 000 281 257 Link

More information about the team

  • ... on www.cdt-domino.com, der team's homepage
  • ... on the CDT-subpage of www.annodomino.de where you can also find detailed descriptions of all members
  • Cologne Domino Team is currenty migrating to CDT-Group, a video production company which organizes chain reactions for national and international domino events.


Individual Domino Toppling (IDT)

Individual Domino Toppling is a German-Dutch group of ten builders, but they are not active anymore. They had their highlights during IDT 2007 and 2008 (YouTube: idt2007), two domino projects featuring a lot of nice and interesting props and decor pieces. Apart from that, the group broke the official world record for the most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion during the event DVDomino before I broke this record again in September 2011. More information about the team on the IDT-Homepage.

Dutch Domino Team (DDT)

The Dutch Domino Team is an assembly of five Dutch domino builders who had their first event together in 2010. In all the events, the building style of the dominoes is quite similar to the one seen in the show "Domino Day" on television. Actually, the organizer of Domino Day, Robin Paul Weijers was present on site in 2011 and toppled the first domino. All videos of DDT can be watched on their YouTube channel.

Incredible Science Machine (ISM)

Incredible Science Machine is an annual large domino event taking place on the American continent, which celebrated its debut in 2015. The event is mainly organized by many well-known builders from the US; however, also some European builders take the long journey to support the setup on-site. More information can be found on the ISM-homepage.

Austrian Domino Art

Austrian Domino Art is an Austrian domino group around managers and organizers Mathias Ritter (YouTube: Dominoday111) and Marcel Pürrer from Tulln who also set up large domino theme projects over the years called TDT (Tulln Domino Toppling). At the beginning, the team only featured a few builders. Now, there are already more than 20 people from Austria, Germany and Switzerland working for them. More information is available on ther homepage.

Tobias, Philipp and Tobias (TPT)

TPT is another domino group founded in 2009 by Tobias Demuth (YouTube: millionendollarboy) with its first event. At that time, Tobias had two other helping hands (Philipp and another Tobias) setting up the dominoes. In the meantime, the number of builders grew, so in 2013, already seven builders were involved in the project about "Minecraft". From there on, the number of builders and dominoes grew rapidly. More information can be found on Tobias's homepage.

Sinners Domino Entertainment (SDE)

Sinnners Domino Entertainment is a group from Kefenrod in Hessen / Germany around organizer and eponym Patrick Sinner which in the meantime features several national and international domino builders. The group arranges huge events with a lot of dominoes annually and also broke many Guinness World Records in already well known and new categories. More information about Patrick and his group are available on the SDE homepage.

Spanish Domino Fans (SDF)

The Spanish Domino Fans have been founded in 2006 with the idea of making toppling dominoes more popular in Spain. The group consists of students working with manager Kevin Villalón. Apart from some private projects, the group already built chain reactions for larger companies, like Michelin. At the moment, the group is setting up a webshop for dominoes. Their price is a little bit lower than the price for compareable dominoes in the market. More information about the Spanish friends of dominoes can be read on the SDF-homepage.

Belgium Domino Team (BDT)

The Belgium Domino Team is a small group from Izegem in Belgium and unites the YouTuber dominololzz and Eiwoldomino. The first bigger event started in 2012 with 22,000 dominoes showing motives about "Summer". As most of the domino teams, also the Belgium Domino Team hosts a homepage which can be found here.

Domino Schulrekord

In the meantime, you can't hear that much anymore by Philipp Zimmermann's and Michael Hörmann's group "Domino Schulrekord", however, this group has already achieved quite a lot. With this event, they were the record holders for the most dominoes toppled by a group in Germany and therefore, believe it or not, 435,847 dominoes toppled. Apart from that, they broke two official world records during the event: the longest domino wall with 27.04 meters and the tallest domino structure with 5.08 meters (both already re-broken again). All events of the group took place at Buchloe and there were 40 builders involved in their youngest project.


There also are some crazy domino builder in the USA, for example the brothers Mike and Steve Perrucci. Their videos are full of creativity and homemade domino effects, like large catapults and spiral staircases. The two brothers got many requests asking them to build domino projects for special occasions and in 2008, the first event in Vermont at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center took place. This event had a huge success and so, it was repeated again and again. Later, they also got support by Shane o'Brian (YouTube: Shanesdominoez) and Hevesh5. More information about Battlebro can be found on Mike's and Steve's homepage which is generally worth reading.


Domination is an assembly of the American domino builders ShanesDominoez and Hevesh5 who also wanted to organize an event with more domino builders as seen in Europe. In 2012 then, 45,000 dominoes toppled at New Jersey in an astonishing chain reaction with a lot of creative effects. In order to set the projects about "Games" up, six builders were involved. This is the video of the event.

Swiss Domino Effect

Swiss Domino Effect is a group of domino builders around Daniel Huwiler and Jonas Oswald from Switzerland which aims at breaking the inofficial Swiss domino record regularly. Apart from that, the group is also involved in some commercial events. For example, at Eurovision Song Contest 2014, they showed their domino skills in the intro of the Swiss contestant. More information about the team can be found on the homepage of the group.


Domino-Preetz is a domino group from Preetz near Kiel in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein which organizes larger domino projects (called All Stones) irregulary. During these events, they always try to re-beat the inofficial chain reaction record for Schleswig-Holstein. I have been supporting the main organizer and very good frind of mine, Tobias Liesenhoff, with the planning and during the setup of the dominoes since 2011. This is an impression of the team in the year 2013 and the corresponding video.


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