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Tim at CDT 2013

My name is Tim Weißker and I was born on 29 April 1993. I grew up and went to school in Bamberg, a town in Franconia / Bavaria / Germany and currently, I am a research assistant at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar.

I became interested in dominoes quite early, when I watched "Domino Day 1999" on television as a 6-year-old boy. I then got my first 100 dominoes (it was Domino Express) for Christmas and I tried setting them up in first small projects on the table of our living room.

Over the years, my stock of dominoes became larger and larger and soon, I decided to record my domino projects on camera and then publish them on the Internet. In 2005 then, I had the idea of creating a domino website about the hobby. This is how www.domino-tim.de started, which was the first hobby website about this topic at that time. It included information about my videos, domino techniques and some more stuff.

After some time, the number of the website's visitors grew extremely and the page also caught the attention of the creators of the TV show Domino Day. They invited some domino fans, including me, to visit their company in Holland where all the Domino Days have been developed and planned. There, I also got to know Simon and Niclas of the CDT-team (Cologne Domino Toppling) and in 2011, I was proud to also become a member of this great team. Some marketing companies also found my website on the Internet and so I was able to create domino adversiting projects for some companies.

As there was no accessible software for planning domino fields, I decided to create one myself and so, Domino Fieldplanner developed on the basis of Microsoft Office Excel. The fieldplanner is also offered on this website and it is for free completely. In the current version, it is already possible to draw fields, to count its colors, to print a field preview, to create the field protocol (in a field protocol, you can find out exactly how many dominoes of each color have to be set up in each row and of course in which order they have to be placed) and to compare the number of dominoes needed in the field with the dominoes you have at home. In the meantime, I'm quite proud of the fact that Domino Fieldplanner is already used by many well known domino builders.

After my Abitur, the German A-levels, I was also interested in breaking a domino world record. As the normal chain reaction record with over four million pieces is a little bit too hard for a A-level student alone, I found the disc cases chain reaction record which was 5,000 at that time. On 12th September 2012, 5,969 of them toppled in the gymnasium of my former grammar school, the Dientzenhofer-Gymnasium Bamberg. The attempt was supervised by two world record witnesses and therefore, this was a new Guinness World Record. After the event, I sold the disc cases (that fortunately have been sponsored before) again and donated the raised amount of incredible 763 Euros to the charity organization "Ärzte ohne Grenzen".

The local newspaper "Fränkischer Tag" wrote: "But at the same time he ensures that there will definitely be a new crazy idea growing in his mind". And indeed, it was like that. On 4th May 2012, the world record fever caught me again and I toppled 1,585 miniature dominoes (Height: 1 cm) in the cellar of my flat. This broke the existing record with 471 pieces, set up at Domino Day 2008. The attempt was supervised by a notary and so, the second Guinness World Record was save.

After that, I originally planned to stop with breaking world records as the planning and execution of the two world record projects were really exhausting and time consuming. But at the beginning of 2013, when my domino colleague Tobias Demuth asked me to help him breaking the world record for the most dominoes in a spiral, I really liked the idea and agreed to participate. The world record to break was 33,533 dominoes and we planned to crash this number with 50,500 dominoes. But there was one problem: due to organisational issues, we only had 48 hours to set up all the dominoes. That was really tough, but we fortunately did it after a night shift and 30 hours of work in total and on 3rd March 2013, all of the 50,500 dominoes toppled in a chain reaction like we have planned it before. This set up Tobias's first and my third Guinness World Record. The whole project was accompanied by a TV crew and an official Guinness World Records adjudicator. The editorial staff eventually even decided to write down this record in the Germany version of the famous "Guinness World Records 2014" book.

In the meantime, all three world records have been re-broken again. However, both events were great experiences for me that I don't want to have missed.

Currently, I am working as a team member of the CDT group, where I build dominoes for national and international events and develop dedicated standalone planning software.

So, this was the short form of my domino carreer. People usually like asking me why I am doing all this. My answer for that is: "Because it simply is fun!". For me, building dominoes is a hobby I am doing because it's fun for me and I think that it would not be possible at all without any fun. And of course, a bit of endurance should not be lacked because also (or especially) with dominoes, things often do not go in the direction planned...


top: Me (at a CDT group job for the Hero Indian Super League in October 2015)

below: The very first version of this homepage (www.domino-tim.de)



I was already allowed to have an appearance in the following media:

  • "Hero Indian Super League 2015", TV opening ceremony (India)
  • "Wauters vs. Waes", TV show (Belgium)
  • "Terra Xpress", TV show (ZDF)
  • "30 Jahre RTL", TV show (RTL)
  • "Guinness World Records 2014", book
  • "Officially Amazing", TV show (CBBC)
  • "Sat.1 Regional", TV show (Sat.1)
  • "Hier ab Vier", TV show (MDR)
  • "Thüringer Allgemeine", daily newspaper
  • "Oberfranken Aktuell", news show on TVO (regional TV station)
  • "Radio Bamberg", radio station
  • "Fränkischer Tag", daily newspaper
  • "Radio Galaxy", radio station
  • "Domino Day 2009", TV show (RTL)


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